If you really want to dig deep into your competitors and get the edge you need in your market then you need to use SEMrush Traffic Analytics.

See where your competitor’s traffic comes from and how engaged their users are on their site.

Evaluate Performance of Competitive Sites

Evaluate the traffic volume of your competitors or potential partners.

Traffic Sources

Find out where your competitors get their visitors from by unveiling their direct, search, referral, social, and paid traffic sources.

Devise Traffic

Discover your desktop and mobile traffic split and compare visitors’ engagement by which device type they use.

Geo Distribution

Identify how the competitors and you perform in various regions.


Find out which subdomains are the most traffic-acquired of your analyzed sites.

Top Landing Pages

Find out the most popular landing pages of your competitors and find out their traffic distribution and growth.

Discover New Opportunities

Compare competitors and your website’s performance against each other for new business opportunity.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Identify the strong points and weaknesses of an any analyzed site.

Partners Evaluation
Does a million visits count if the bounce rate is 99%? Go deep to see more than the number of visitors. Analyze the time on page, pages per visit and other vital metrics.

Media Buying
Evaluate web traffic and audience engagement metrics of any site before you sign any media contract.

Trend Evaluation

Find the pages your competitors promote the most to capture trends across the industry so you stay on top of the competition. Plus you can identify the most popular pages among competitor’s your customers and evaluate the demand and the breakdown by months.

Understand Users’ Behavior

Find a domain’s user behavior by seeing the number of visits, unique visitors, pages per visit, average visit duration and bounce rate.

Referring Sites
Find the web sites bringing traffic to a particular domain.

Destination Sites
Find out where users go after visiting a particular domain.

Trend Monitoring
Monitor the trends of how users behavior changes over time.

Reliable Data
Billions of page views processed every day with advanced larning algorithms with over 200,000,000,000,000 bytes of raw data to base those insights on.

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