ShareaSale Merchant Account Review

In this review we will learn how learn how can increase sales to your online business.

This company is one of the best online third party affiliate management companies. It is one of the big four of this type of online business models.

For merchants looking to sell more products and/or services to targeted customers, using a third party affiliate management company is a smart move. Not only will you have an army of dedicated affiliates just waiting to sell for you but you get to approve affiliates that will drive quality traffic to your site. By setting up a merchant account you will get the following services.


You can keep track, in real time, when a banner or text link is clicked and if a sale is made.


A special feature is that you can segment affiliates by using tags. You can track the trends of your different affiliate groups, set up targeted content and set up rules and term based commission structures.


View what pages your customers are viewing and where on your site customers go to prior to purchasing.


Retrieve reporting data in real time, update links and banners, edit/void transactions and more.


If you have multiple sites you can divide links and banners, affiliates and more right from your dashboard.


create a multitude of different linking styles, social media and deep linking options directly to products and services.

They also offer a variety of integrated services which can help you build and grow your Affiliate program. Their client services department are there to assist you with personalized guidance to help you get the most out of your investment. Their team will provide you with the following affiliate program management tasks:
– Structuring and implementing recruiting and activation campaigns
– Seasonal, promotional and dynamic ad banners
– Developing Affiliate tools (datafeeds, videos, widgets, etc.)
– Crafting and distributing Affiliate communication


The welcome kit is a checklist for you to follow to get your affiliate program off the ground.


You get a complimentary comprehensive report that looks at key features of a well managed affiliate program and identify areas that need fine tuning.


You ahve access to monthly merchant training.

ONE-TIME FEES TO GET STARTED has a simple up-front a one-time Network Access Fee ($550) that occurs only after all the setup steps have been completed, and prior to activation on the network. As well a $100 minimum deposit, used to pay affiliate commissions for sales and other qualified leads that you define. Any amount left in your account that is not used to pay for sales, leads or fees can be refunded to you at any time that you wish to close your account.


There are two types of recurring fees you could incur, transaction Fees and monthly minimum Fees. A transaction fee only occurs if an Affiliate sale/lead is made. These fees are based on the Merchant’s chosen payout rate. A monthly minimum fee occurs if, in a given month, your account does not generate a minimum of $35 in fees. There is a grace period for new Merchants.


– Affiliates’ commissions are processed free of charge each month.
– Pre-screening all of your affiliates.
– Your affiliates may contact our help desk at any time for the life of their membership, without any cost to you.
– All banners, buttons, and text links served for you.
– Upload a datafeed of your products, to be used by your affiliates, at no charge.
– Utilize the API to retrieve reporting data on an automated basis, update creatives, void/edit transactions and more!
– At your option, you may grant permission for an affiliate to download your datafeed via the FTP server. This is completely optional, and at your discretion. Each Affiliate you approve carries a nominal $1 charge.

So as you can see with you get all the bells and whistles you need to start and implement a successful affiliate program and start driving even more sales to your business.