The Solution To Your Marketing Challenge

ClickMeter is the solution when you are looking at the following links marketing challenges…

Affiliate Link Tracking – Branded Link Management – Conversion Tracking- Google URL Shortener – IP Geo Targeting – Links Rotator – Short URL Parameters – Tracking Pixel – URL Shortener

Why not get the most from your Links! Why not monitor, compare and optimize all your marketing links in one place! Increase your conversion rates and find out your visitors and where they yield the best conversion rates. How it’s supposed to work…

Track views, clicks, conversions – Monitor broken links, click fraud, latency and blacklists and Share with clients, partners, and coworkers. Create a tracking link in seconds, use it in your ads and watch realtime reports.

This is why they are trusted by over 100,000 businesses worldwide.

A very diverse team living in different countries and continents working remotely to reply your questions, fix bugs and create new features from office, home or even outdoor. Living nd working in the place that makes you happy is one of our most important values. Founded in 2012 from a very experienced bricks and mortar web-marketing agency, using software to track the web-marketing actions of their own business. As it evolved into the most widely used software solutions in our agency to collect, analyze, and share data for and with our customers. After few years after the development of the first ClickMeter system, we decided to go live with a service that can be useful to everyone involved in web-marketing activities.

For Agencies

This system is perfect to:

– Monitor your customer’s campaigns
– Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding and which are struggling
– To fight click fraud
– Share results with your customers in realtime.

For Affiliate Marketers

– It takes all of 5 minutes to setup, no code, no user manual necessary.

– Cloak Affiliate Links and hide your destination URL as well as protecting your commission codes and keyword lists.

– Track your sales conversion tracking cookies, conversion pixels, postback urls, TIDs and server to server tracking.

– Short your links and customize them with your domain names.

– Get 99.99% uptime with public stats. Hosted on Amazon AWS servers.

– It’s Loved by Search Engines. 301 redirects don’t dilute PageRank. Vanity links increase your SEO.

– Real Visitors, Not Robots Recognize clicks coming from single visitors or spiders, detect multiple clicks.

– Realtime reports, Split test optimizer. A/B test with multiple destination URLs.

For Advertisers

– This system is perfect for you to use advanced redirect options.
– Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding and which are struggling
– Fight click fraud
– Double-check data from your paid marketing sources

For Publishers

This system is perfect to:

– Certify the visibility (via views, clicks, or conversions) you provide for your clients
– Share results with your clients in realtime
– Increase trust and gain more clients

ClickMeter is your solution