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Social media may be the go to marketing platform for many businesses, but there is another marketing strategy, which has been around for a long time, that may be as good, and in some cases, even better than social platforms. That marketing platform is affiliate marketing for business and for work at home entrepreneurs.

Many business owners, if asked, would no doubt list social media as their number one go to for marketing. And because it’s free for the most part, it’s really appealing to put most of your marketing efforts towards that. That’s fine but I would like to introduce you to another source of marketing that, once it is set up and running, pretty much takes care of itself, and is more targeted to your customer base. That is affiliate marketing.

I am on the Internet quite a bit. I do all of my own web content updates (ready to hire someone), purchase products and services on a regular basis and use it for my news and business research and resources. I like to research information that is written by experts in their field, whether that is information is on national and local news, information on my interests or buying a product or service. I rarely use Facebook or any other social media platforms to get the information I’m looking for. Not that social media doesn’t have it’s benefits for some information, but I find it too busy and I get easily distracted trying to find information I want.

There are thousands of good information sources online. In particular blogs written by people that focus on a particular subject matter. It doesn’t take long reading someone’s blog to realize if it’s a good information source or not. Some blogs are more bogged down with advertisements than other blogs. Most of those advertisements make money for the blogger, especially if the ad is focused on the content. A blog about guitars for example will probably have ads that relate, such as an ad for guitars on eBay. If you had a guitar business and wanted to advertise to a targeted audience then that blog might be a good fit. Finding good targeted sites that generate a lot of traffic is a time consuming job, especially if you are busy building and/or selling guitars. So the answer is to have those people come to you.

Third party affiliate companies have thousands of hungry affiliates just waiting for you to allow them to advertise your business on their site. Thousands of people make a very good living from advertising businesses like yours on their web site and/or blog, and they are always looking for good businesses to promote. The third party affiliate company I use more than most, mostly because they have a larger amount of Canadian businesses, is This is how it works…

– To sell you sign up for a merchant account, not an affiliate account.
– You set up your account with your company information, what you sell, and the commission you are willing to pay someone for creating a sale for you.
– You can also add banners, coupons, data feeds along with text ads.
– Those hungry affiliates come to, see your offerings and decide to promote your business on their web site or blog.
– Affiliates can track clicks, sales, returns and commissions earned.
– You make sales and get paid like you normally do.

If you are using a WordPress site you could go out and purchase your own affiliate plugin and then you have to set it up and keep track of all the stats and pay your affiliates yourself. That sounds like a lot of work, and it is.

Due to the unprecedented times we live in, the Internet has developed into what people thought it was going to be years ago, the go to place to shop. Business has to come with new marketing strategies to survive and grow. Affiliate marketing can be a big part of that redevelopment of your business.

Go on over to and have a look at what they can do for your business.

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