Canadian Affiliate Marketing started as a need for businesses to be able to expand, and more importantly, keep their businesses going during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses will struggle to keep afloat and many people that work from home are trying hard to earn extra or even full time income to replace the income they have lost.

This site is for all of those work at home entrepreneurs, large and small online and bricks and mortar businesses. Our aim is to point you in the right direction so that your business grows or at least keeps going so we can get through this together.

I have been working online in the affiliate marketing business for over fifteen years and I know what it is to struggle. Most of us struggle because we try to do it all ourselves. There is help out there and my aim is to give you as much help as I can. I hope this site helps you in some way. Take your time and sift through the information to find something that will help you.

Your Gift

I have put my affiliate marketing knowledge to good use and have developed a site that earns donations for food banks and organizations that help people cope during the pandemic. Your Gift is a shopping site and you can shop at some of the Internet’s leading retailers such as Amazon, eBay,, Microsoft, NHL, MLB and hundreds more. By shopping through this site, and if you make a purchase, you earn a non profit organization a donation, at no extra cost to you. You get the same deals, clearance prices as anyone else.

About Me

I name is Rupe Power, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, I have a very beautiful and supporting wife and two very talented sons, two beautiful and talented daughters in law and three amazing grand daughters.

I love to play golf and the guitar.

I would like to thank for your support.