9 Free Tactics For Business

Whether you want to increase sales for your online-store, find the best tactics for SEO or SMM, SEMrush helps your business drive more sales, get more traffic, build a brand and manage your marketing team.

Data runs the business world and if you’re looking for an expanded geo database, an industry specific database or a niche marketing report, get the right information.

SEMrush can develop a comprehensive solution to excelerate your marketing strategy and outperform your competition.

Discover a powerful set of tools to help you grow your digital agency, boost your performance at every stage of your workflow and prospecting to campaign management and reporting.

Download These 9 Free Business Tactics eBooks

1. 11 Growth Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business Free eBook

If you are looking to boost traffic and take your online sales to the next level then this free information is for you.

This eBook will cover how to build an effective digital marketing strategy, how to measure your ecommerce growth, and how to evaluate your performance compared to your competition.

Hallam SEO Agency has designed a set of easy-to-implement recommendations based on case studies and analyzed information from 8,000 ecommerce sites. Data-driven best practices of their most successful clients.
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2. Competitor Analysis in Uncertain Times Free eBook

In these times of uncertainty many businesses may be taken to the verge of collapse, or it may foster a phenomenal growth. Adaptation will determines whether your company will fall into the later or the former.

Early in 2020 it was crucial to have knowledge of the online competitive landscape. This knowledge is crucial for both brick-and-mortar and digital businesses. Brick-and-mortar businesses had to adapt and introduce e-commerce options while online companies had to adapt to the increase in competition to survive in the new reality.

Learn the highlights that industries used to make the smoothest transition to online ecommerce. learn how the increased traffic to their websites, how that traffic grew and how stable this month-long success could be.
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3. Content Marketing Checklist – 25 Things that You Really Should Try in 2020 Free eBook

Ready to learn how to create fresh content marketing strategy.

Learn useful tactics, the best tools, competitor analysis, and more that will help you stay ahead. This e-Book is the ultimate content marketing checklist. Explore the 25 content marketing tips you can put into practice that will help you push your brand ahead of the field.
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4. In Data We Trust Free eBook

Learn where SEMrush gets its data, how it’s cleaned and prepared for the user interface, and how your business can implement it.

What you will learn:

-What data is available on SEMrush
How big SEMrush’s databases are
Where the data comes from
How you can use this data to grow your online business
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5. Online Reputation Management Checklist: 7 Ways to Use Mentions Free eBook

A business’s reputation could take years to build but can also disappear overnight. Consumers today scour the internet to find out about a company they might do business with. A few bad reviews can have serious negative consequences for any business.

Use the “Online Reputation Management Checklist” that contains seven actionable tips to ensure your brand is seen in the best positive light.
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6. SEMrush Healthcare Industry Study Free eBook

If you are looking to make your marketing perform in the healthcare industry, then this eBook is for you. Find out how companies in healthcare, hospital networks, pharmaceutical industry, and dental industry can choose the right marketing strategies and top tactics to make your business work.

Learn all of the important areas of digital marketing, traffic trends, advertising, social media, on-site optimization as well as how to compete.
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7. SEMrush Toolkit for SEO Free eBook

SEO campaign objectives include effective strategies across multiple activities as well as the tools that play an essential part in reaching your company’s goals. Costs can mount if you are looking at link building, keyword research, site auditing and more.

This eBook covers the SEO Toolkit which highlights a diverse suite of tools used by over two million people, including competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, on-page, and technical optimization.
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8. The State of Content Marketing Report 2019 by SEMrush Free eBook

This eBook covers a series of studies that gained a better understanding of content producers, strategists, marketers, and others.

Hundreds of thousands of tweets, search queries, blog posts, and over 1200 marketers were surveyed across the globe.

This report will cast light on what is happening in the content marketing industry and will help you build an informed content marketing strategy.
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9. Top Tactics for Your Fashion E-commerce Free eBook

If you work in the fashion industry then this e-book can help you to fine-tune your marketing strategies and e-commerce tactics for fashion.

You will learn the global fashion trends, statistics, attitudes, and the way customers loo at the industry. The eBook contains a section on e-commerce that covers link building, social media, on-site optimization, and thoughts on how to go beyond the competitor.
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