5 Ways To Start With Affiliate Programs

If you are not sure of what affiliate programs are here is a short description. Either you want to earn money on your social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and/or you would like to earn money with your web site and/or blog. As an affiliate you would recommend a company’s products and/or services through links, banners and/or reviews. When someone clicks on a link or banner and makes a purchase you earn a commission, unless there is a refund issued.

Most affiliate programs are free to join. They come with the added benefits of low overhead costs, you can work from home, you don’t have to stock inventory, no tracking or shipping and you don’t have to provide customer service. The company you are an affiliate for does all of that.

There are a few ways to put affiliate programs to use to earn extra or full time money online. I’ll cover some of them below. If you are just getting into affiliate programs then I will tell you the two part formula I use to promote programs.

>> Follow your niche and/or passion! If you already have a following or write a blog you need to stay true to that when looking for programs to promote. The question is why would anyone find you credible if you are trying to sell financial advice on a pet related web site?

>> Do your research! You may have seen ads or promotions from online entrepreneurs that promise big money if you follow their system. There is no doubt that some people are making good money using certain types of promotional methods, some good and some kind of sketchy. The important thing to remember is to do your research. A lot of make money programs work on the impulse method of getting you excited so you sign up then and there, or they bombard you with emails after you opt in to their mailing list. Do your research, wait a few days before you sign up for any money making program.

Here are a few examples of using affiliate programs to earn money online.

1. Retail Affiliate Programs

Many companies you shop at on a regular basis run affiliate programs through a third party company such as Shareasale.com If you have a blog or web site you can probably find many companies that fit into your niche. If you have a good following or are building a following you can recommend companies that can satisfy your readers desire to purchase products and services. You can also do this if you only use social media. It’s very important to know the companies you are recommending, even write a review/s on their products, services or about how they run their business.

2. Amazon

Amazon is really the pioneer in affiliate marketing. Just about anyone can apply and get an Amazon Associates account and sell products and services and earn commissions. Beware of the mall mentality and tying to sell everything. You can more than likely find the category of the products and services that fit your niche.

3. eBay

ebay Partner Network allows people to apply to sell products and services through the auction buy and sell site. You can really dig deep and find unique items that you can promote that align with the niche you are in.

4. Digital Info Products

You can sell digital products, or even create your own digital products to sell on sites like Clickbank or on Sellfy.

5. Social Media

You can make money with no web site or blog. Many people make money on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. For example you could sell a product from a certain category of ClickBank, such as pets. CB ProAds, for one low fee, provides you with multiple websites ready made hosted by them. You don’t even need a web site.

As you can see there are many ways to sell through affiliate programs to earn extra or even full time income. The trick is to know your niche, find out or promote what you know or get passionate about. Find affiliate programs that fit that passion, know your affiliate partners and use that to build a relationship with your readers or followers. Go into it with the attitude that you are helping the people that respect you, and you will be successful.

Best Web Site/Blog Training

If you would like to start a blog or web site and don’t know where to start then I would recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate. You get complete training on how to set up, add pages, posts and even how to use SEO to promote your site and all for free. Yes there is a paid premium membership but the free version is a fantastic starting point for your training.

Affiliate Resources

Find the best affiliate programs out there to join right here.