5 Easy Steps To Change Nameservers

When you register a domain name it needs to point to a server somewhere in the world. At the time you register the domain name it will be pointing to servers of the registrant, (for example Name Cheap. In other words it is “hosted” on their servers. You can purchase hosting from that registrant if you wish, but if you choose to host your domain with another web hosting company, then you need to change the “Nameservers” to point to that hosting company. Every hosting company has their own nameservers.

Name Cheap offers an easier means of doing this right from your dashboard. You don’t have to go digging to find out where to change them. Below you will find options for changing the “Nameservers” for your domain name.

1. Create an account and Register your domain name.

2. Either host your site with the registrant (NameCheap) or purchase web hosting with the hosting company of your choice.

3. If you host with the registrant you are good to go, but if you purchase hosting with another hosting company you will have to find the “nameservers” for that hosting company. If not readily seen on your dashboard when you log into your hosting account, you can contact the support staff, look in their knowledgebase or even find them with an online search. There will be two namesevers to change for example…

4. Once you have the nameserver information you can either change them yourself when you log into your hosting account or contact their support staff who should be able to provide that service for you.

5. Those nameserver changes can take from hours to minutes to take effect. So if you have a website set up on your server with your hosting company just keep trying to load your site in a web browser until it appears.

A simple step that is so crucial to viewing your web site online.