34 – ShareaSale Tools For Affiliates

If you have a web site and/or blog you can join ShareaSale.com free as an affiliate to earn extra income. if you have a business you can increase revenue with their business options. Most people who have a web site and/or blog will more than likely be approved. Once approved you will then be able to apply to individual merchants. To have a better chance of getting approved for affiliate programs read this articles.

You have a multitude of reports and resources at hand to track all of your promotional campaigns activity…

1. Activity Details
2. Ledger Report
3. Payment Summary
4. Invalid Links
5. Download (.csv)
6. API Reporting
7. Merchant Timespan
8. Weekly Progress Report
9. Afftrack Parameter Report
10. Monthly Summary
11. Reversal Report
12. Transaction Edit Trail
13. Today at a Glance
14. Traffic Report
15. Merchant Summary
16. Return Days Analysis
17. Historical Trend

Additional Tools A Hand:

18. API Reporting
19. Make A Video
20. Make A Page
21. Pay Per Call Center
22. Product Showcases
23. RSS Notifications

Your Account Options:

24. Account Settings
25. Manage / Leave Programs
26. PPC Violation Reports
27. View / Manage Feedback
28. Close Account

Commissions Payments Options:

29. Payment Settings
29. Past Revenue
30. Payment Summary Report
31. Rejected Payments
32. Non Tracked Order Inquiry

33. Easy to use dashboard where you can pick your text links and banners easily as well information on the particular retailer you are interested in promoting.

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If you are looking to get into affiliate marketing or to boost your already existing marketing campaigns then you should check out ShareaSale.com.