3 Ways To Create Great Content

Creating great content may not be as daunting as you might think. Many people don’t like to write or even feel that they can write. Below I will cover three go to sources for content, and a little advice, for creating great content for your blog. First we look at how you can obtain or create content and then we will look at what you should keep in mind in how how to structure and deliver that content to your excited awaiting readers.

Before we start I am assuming that you have done your research and have set up your blog properly. This is vitally important. Don’t just throw a blog up online and start writing in hopes of raking in the cash. There is a process that you must follow and getting the right information is crucial in the beginning, otherwise you will just continue to chase your tail.

Just a note on fine tuning your skills. No matter what you do in life to learn a new skill you need the right information and then you need to put that information into practice. I have learned this from playing guitar. I decided to learn how to fingerpick and went in search of good tutorials. It took a little time to find a picking pattern I felt comfortable with and one I could play with most songs. I gave myself six months to get to the point where I could change chords and play without thinking about it. Although I actually accomplished my goal in less time, it still took time and you need to give yourself time to succeed. It will not happen overnight. Set goals and stick to them.

Probably one of the best training platforms for new, and bloggers that have not seen any success for their efforts, is Wealthy Affiliate. You get a wealth of information for free and they will show you how to set up your blog properly the first time.

You may also want to check out SEMrush for free quality information on marketing your blog.

1. Source Out Your Content

Fiverr is probably the best freelance source online today to look for qualified and hungry freelancers to do your work for you. If you want to use or browse what freelancers are offering click on “Writing & Translation” then click on Articles & Blog Posts. You will also have other options such as , proofreading and editing, LinkedIn profiles, podcast writing, social media copy and many more options.

The most successful people online making money with blogs don’t write all of their content. One way they save time, and pay out small amounts of money, is by using freelancers. There are people out there that will pound out a good quality unique article for your niche for a lot less than you might think. You can preview the article and even check to see if it is duplicate content before you send off your payment.

Another way of getting original unique sourced content is by having a guest contributor. In your research if you find a great blog that relates to what you are doing you can ask for a guest blog from that author. You may have to create some credibility first and show that you have enough readers to make it worth that author’s time to do so, but down the road you may be the one people are asking to contribute.

2. PLR Content

PLR or Public Label Rights is a great way to get content. You can also get master resale rights eBooks, software and videos. The only catch is that id you use PLR articles for your content you will have to rewrite them in your own words and make them unique. Now this may seem redundant but if you are not a writer PLR articles can give you the base for articles of your own. You can also give away most PLR as a bonus to get people on your mailing list.

If you use or will use PLR you may want to check the writing articles suggestions below. Also check out PLR Products for free content.

3. Write The Content Yourself

If you do like to write and have some ideas for articles you can create articles for your blog. Here are a few ideas for blogs posts and articles.

Writing Tips For Better Click Throughs

– Numbered lists are popular and have a higher click through rates. Using odd numbers at the beginning of your post title seem to be more popular than using even numbers. As well using the year at then of your title works very well too for click throughs. Use a title such as: “7 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic in 2020”

– Search engine results (SERPS) will show 60 characters and cut off the rest. Your title should not be more than 60 characters long.

– Do your research for your keywords and use a keyword research tool to find good keywords in your niche. These keywords should be at the beginning or near to the beginning of your articles.

– Header and sub heading structure cis important. The main article header should be a H2 or at least a H3 with your keyword/s or a variation of your keyword/s. Sub heading should be a size smaller than your main heading so if you size your main heading to H2 then your sub heading should be sized to H3 and they should be numbered.

– You may have noticed reading blogs that many have links on the page, called internal links. You can add links to related articles at the beginning and at the end of your post. This will allow for your readers to engage in more of your content. As well you can include affiliate links in your content that directly relates to the article.

– Secondary and semantic keywords are also important. SEMrush offers a tool to find keywords related to your main target keyword and also you can use a tool like LSIGraph to find semantic keywords to add into your articles.

– Longer compelling content is more popular with the search engines and will rank higher than shorter lengthened content. All writer work differently and what works for one will not work someone else. You will learn how you write best by simply doing it. You don’t have to write an article in one sitting. Mark Twain would write for an hour then go for a walk for an hour. I find taking short walks clears my mind and sometimes I get my best ideas when I’m not sitting in front of the computer.

In closing whether you like to write or not you can create great unique content for your blog. Stick with your niche, write like you are writing for business, set your goals and keep at it.

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