11 Reasons To Use NameCheap – Review

I have used other domain registrants to register my domain names but recently I tried Name Cheap and was pleasantly please with the ease, especially with the addition of Nameservers.

I have written another article on nameservers which must be changed and point to the server your site is hosted on. Most registrants obviously want to host your site but if you have your own hosting then they will have to be changed, and is an easy change to make.

Here is a breakdown of the options you get.

1. Choose A Domain Name

Easy search for our perfect domain name with a huge variety of extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .info, country extensions such as .ca, .au and company extensions such as .co, .uk, .de and many more.

2. Easy Set Up

Easily add your nameservers, unlike other domain registrants that you have to dig deep to find how to add your nameservers

3. Award Wining Hosting

Hosting plans featuring secure, reliable, and high-performance, and as of writing this article…

– Stellar Plan includes: Save 50% on 1st Year, 20 GB SSD, Host 3 Websites, Domain Name with the TLDs available – .fun, .host, .online, .site, .press, .store, .space, .pw, .tech, .website, Free CDN BETA

– Stellar Plus Plan includes: Save 61% on 1st Year, Unmetered SSD, Host Unlimited Websites, AutoBackup, Domain Name with the TLDs available .fun, .online, .press, .store, .space, .tech, .pw, .host, .site, .website and Discounted TLDs available .com (38% off), .biz (82% off), .co (84% off), Free CDN BETA

– Stellar Business Plan includes: Save 50% on 1st Year, 50 GB SSD, Host Unlimited Websites, AutoBackup & Cloud Storage, Domain Name with the TLDs available .fun, .online, .press, .store, .space, .tech, .pw, .host, .site, .website and Discounted TLDs available .com (38% off), .biz (82% off), .co (84% off), Free CDN BETA

4. Easy Managed WordPress

– 3x Faster Speeds, 99.99% Uptime, Secure & Reliable.

5. Managed Email

Fast, secure, and reliable email system is designed for all your personal and business needs. Access private email’s intuitive features and office tools to manage all your email, your contacts, your calendar, and to manage your entire business better. As well you can access easy team collaboration and office suite which is compatible with Windows/Android/Apple devices. Get file storage for any OS and get extra security via Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

6. Free Apps For Your Site

– CDN Beta (free) – Content Delivery Network (CDN) using multiple servers around the world delivers your website content to customers blazingly fast. Great if you are streaming or displaying

– Logo Maker
Create beautiful logos for your business or personal site.

– SSL Tool
Get a free Comodo SSL to replace your current Symantec SSL. Swap it out for the remaining time on your existing SSL certificate—for free. No strings attached.

– Uptime Monitoring
Helping you to keep your websites up. Your websites are monitored every 5 minutes and logs the performance right to your dashboard.

– Canvas
Canvas is an easy way to make a great website, and add more advanced features as your company grows. High-quality and mobile-ready.

7. Security

– You get top-notch Two-Factor Authentication (U2F, TOTP & OneTouch) to keep your account secure

– WhoisGuard privacy protection

– Security for Your Customers

-Buy an SSL certificate and get a free site seal

8. Easy Transfer Options

– Easily transfer and migrate your domains, hosting, email, WordPress sites.

9. How To Options

– Answers at your fingertips with their knowledgebase, videos, support and blog.

10. Manage all of your subscriptions and billing information within our easy-to-use account panel.

11. Easy to use Dashboard with access to Dashboard Expiring / Expired Domain, Domain List, Product List, Apps and your Profile.

If you are a web developer you may use many of the options listed above but if you are simply registering a domain then you will not need all of the options. Ease of getting your site visible online is essential.

I use Name Cheap now to register my domains like DaSaLuArtisans.ca my passion, and if you choose, you can manage all of your personal or business web applications from one spot.

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