Non Profit Fundraising Options

Many non profits run businesses to help fund their programs but there are options that will allow organizations to raise money, without the hassles of running a business as well as an option to boost sales of programs that they are already running.

These options are something that each and every non profit, work at home entrepreneurs and businesses can do to earn extra income. What I referring to is affiliate marketing.

There are two methods that any non profit can use to earn money for their cause using affiliate marketing…

1. Affiliate Marketing Monetization Sites

1. Affiliate monetization sites such as does all the work for the organizations and provides non profit organizations the opportunity to participate in affiliate marketing without running and managing those affiliate campaigns themselves.

How It Works

When your non profit organization signs up for a free account that organization is provided with the opportunity to offer online shopping without the hassle of maintaining any website, or stats, dealing with customers or stocking any products. And at no extra cost to patrons who use that service.

Organization spread the word about their YourGift fundraising campaign to their patrons, via email or in their newsletter, or post it on their web site.

Patrons go to the YourGift web site and login. Once an organization is registered they are give a unique member number. Patrons simply login in with that organization’s member number. Patrons can look up an organization and it’s member number on the site. Patrons do not have to register or even give an email to use the site.

Patrons can shop on the site with some of the Internet’s best known retailers such as:

Amazon, eBay,, ClickBank, MLS Store, NBA Store, NHL Store, AMZ Games, Canada Gift Baskets, Cate & Chloe, Chapters Indigo, Dr-Ho’s, Groupon, Jelly Bellies, Medic Alert, Pinnacle, Royal Albert, Royal Doulton, Time Life, Turbotax, Udemy, WagJag, Walt Life, Waterford, Weebly, Yves Rocher and many more!

Patrons deal only with the retail companies, organization do not have to worry about anything other than spreading the word.


Not just for Canadian non profit organizations, allows any non profit (Canada & USA) to sign up free and have the opportunity to earn money for their organization. As well there is no limit on the size of the organization, it could be a large national or international organization or a small local organization.

Please Note We are accepting organizations that are helping people cope during the pandemic. (Food Banks, etc.)

1. Organizations do not have to worry about collecting payments from anyone.

2. No Email or registration required.

3. No stock to handle or warehouse.

4. Patrons deal with the retail companies for payment, returns and refunds.

5. Organizations do not represent any company.

6. Organizations do not have to do anything other than spread the word of their fundraising campaign.

7. Patrons shop and get the same price, deals, clearance prices as anyone else.

8. It works 24/7/365

Thousands of companies, many of which you shop at online or at their bricks and mortar locations, offer commissions for online sales through affiliate programs.

Organizations receive 80% of the commissions earned through their account in the form of a donation. Please note that your donation paid to you will be less any taxes. Commissions ae not paid on any sales that result in a refund. takes care of all of the commission collection and payment of donations to non profits.

If your organization is interested in this type of fundraising then please register here.

2. Running Their Own Affiliate Programs

There are many non profit organizations that run their own fundraising businesses and may benefit from running an affiliate program.

Companies such as Shareasale manage affiliate programs for businesses. They look after all of the tracking and pay commissions to affiliates.

For example if your non profit runs a business or workshop producing products for sale to the general public. Non profits that want to expand or boost sales of their products can have a company such as Shareasale manage their affiliate sales.

Companies such as these do not sell products but they have thousands of hungry affiliates looking for products and services to sell on their web site or blog.

An affiliate is anyone who wants to sell products and services on their web site or blog and will promote those if they think they can make a decent commission.

The downside is that the non profit organization will have to pay a commission for every product sold through an affiliate.

The upside is that if you have a quality product your sales could really get a boost and result in a lot more profit for your organization.

If this sounds like something your organization could benefit from you can read a full review of the Shareasale merchant account and the benefits.