1000,s Of Motivated and Free Sales People

Did I say 1000’s, it’s probably more like millions hungry affiliates just waiting to promote your business.! So you have a business and you want to grow, you are ready to take it to the next level, but there are hurdles in your way. Taking your business to the next level takes time, money and manpower. You may have the ability to produce products in large numbers, but selling all of those products may seem daunting. The biggest factor is where to find the venues to sell to your targeted customer base. There are lots of sites that you can list your products on, and you may have success in selling some products, but you are in with all of the competition on the same site. These sales venues are fine, but what if you could add another sales funnel that once set up pretty much takes care of itself. Affiliate marketing is a means to do just that.

So if you want to increase sales, you may think you will need to find more venues or people to sell your products. Do you want go out in search for people willing to work on commission to sell for you. That is a daunting task. One you probably don’t have time for. But what if the sales force came looking for you?

That is how affiliate marketing works. No I am not talking about spending hours of time finding affiliate software, setting it up, testing it and then trying to find affiliates to sign up and sell for you. I am talking about using third party affiliate programs that already have thousands of hungry affiliates just waiting to promote your business. The company I use and recommend is Shareasale.com, and a big reason is the number of Canadian companies they are handling as clients.

There are thousands of people out there using social media, blogs and web sites of all sorts that are looking to earn money by promoting other people’s products and services. Many of these people join companies such as Shareasale.com as affiliates, and then go searching for companies to promote.

You may think this could cost you thousands of dollars but it won’t. There is a set up fee and a small percentage of each sale and the commission paid to the affiliate who makes the sale. But think of it this way. On sites that you join to sell your products and/or services, people come in search of something to buy, and they have the option of checking out your competition which are probably selling on the same site. With affiliate marketing you have people coming to you to sell for you, and to a targeted audience. You get to approve or decline the sites where your products and/or services are going to be promoted. Someone writing a blog on pottery is going to be looking for a similar product to promote on their site. They may have thousands of readers that see your products promoted on that site. And you could have hundreds of affiliates doing the exact same thing.

In today’s world many businesses relied on sales from people in their local area or from tourism. It’s a different world and those sales opportunities have all but disappeared. It’s going to be awhile before we get back to any kind of “normal”. So we have to think outside the box, and use what is really older marketing to our advantage. Affiliate marketing is more valuable now than it has ever been. You could be selling products and/or services and shipping to people all over the world.

Of course not every business is suited to affiliate marketing. But your business may very well be. It is certainly worth the look. Head on over to Shareasale.com and see if affiliate marketing could take your business to levels you never even dreamt of.

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